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PremiumCAD has a long standing experience in supporting the global telecommunications industry through different types of services. One of these involves the update of wireless telecom construction drawings. Wireless telecom towers would need to be upgraded or modified based on the changes in mobile telecom technology. These changes in the tower infrastructure should also be professionally reported and updated in the telecom operator’s records as well. Hence in order to identify and update such changes, and to verify the tower’s capacity, availability of space etc., a ground survey team visits the premises of each telecom tower to collect and digitally record the on-site information. Based on these records, photographs and other survey inputs, each tower information is updated, thereby enabling the decision support systems of the telecom operator.

Typical project inputs may include the following:

  • RFDS

  • Previous construction drawings in .DWG format or PDF format or as Hand sketches

  • Site photographs

  • Site walk report

  • Any other technical documents, if required

  • Library of telecom objects to be used in the construction drawing

  • The standard construction drawing template in DWG format with the appropriate title block

  • Legends and symbols to be used in the construction drawing

  •  Information required for developing the drawings in CAD like the object library, CAD standards to be used, and so on, as may be required to deliver the agreed scope of work


PremiumCAD offerings:

  • Addition of driving directions from the nearest international airport to the site location

  • Verification of existing drawings vis-à-vis the actual site

  • Cross verification and update of RFDS based on site walk reports

  • Modification of the construction drawings based on on-site photographs

  • Update and highlight additional changes and modifications not present in the existing drawings

  • Other customized updates and modifications as specified by the customer

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