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Today, I was watching this movie called ‘Gladiator’. The movie is about this great general named Maximus who gives Rome, his motherland, the freedom from the rule of the emperors. Well that is not the point. Apart from many parts of the movie that are touching, there is this one particular dialogue by a servant of Maximus, ” sometimes I find time to do what I want to do, and rest of the times I do what I have to do”.

This particular dialogue got me started. I thought that this is so true and almost started to pity my own-self, thinking that why is it that we hardly spare time for things that we care about and really want to do. This is the time when the entire world has come to a stand-still and all of us have been blessed with the time to work on issues which have been like ever eluding goals. • Fix that Office travel policy. • Work on the corporate governance framework, • Update the lead-management system, • Close the pending entries on your work-flow management system, • Install your internal communication tool. Therefore, this is the time to get in action and think about the wish-list you had for your business. Take control and ownership of the functions which have always been a challenge for you. You should be calling the shots; it’s your business after all!

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