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Quality is not a goal, but a continuous journey. At PremiumCAD, we endeavour to learn and innovate at all times. We have a dedicated team of quality managers for all projects working as per the client's requirement and SLAs in addition to a quality department which focuses on improvement of our internal processes, team training and market updates.

We learn not only from our internal sources, but also from our clients, our competition and the ever changing world eco-system. Our leadership team includes quality auditors and CAD engineers alike. This gives us a perfect balance between speed and quality.

Our Moto, 'Quality Designs, Delivered in Time' showcases our passion for quality. We are equally rational in our pursuit of quality, therefore we engage with our customers during the pre-sales level in order to understand the requirements of the client and to find the perfect balance between speed and accuracy.

Our quality team is Six-Sigma certified and we ensure detailed planning at the project initiation stage. Further, we believe in the Japanese Kaizen process and reward our employees for generating ideas which help in process optimization and improvement.

At PremiumCAD, the major components of our quality function act as continuous cycle, gaining further strength from each other.


Our teams prepare detailed checklists extending upto hundred line items for every specific client template and with the overall experience of Quality Assurance team, the specific checklists are merged with the generic rules and AHJ guidelines pertaining to a particular state. A combination of the same helps us create an actionable checklist which is assigned to the Quality Control department for execution. Finally, feedback from the client and user inputs from the Operations, help us to improve on the quality.














Quality is an investment which pays Rich Dividends


Our aim is to maximize your savings with outsourcing to PremiumCAD. In order to achieve the same, we take full care that your effort in checking / reworks are minimized.


Our focus is on building long-term relations with our clients in order to derive maximum benefits and mutual savings from our internal learning curve and savings due to scale of operations. With our consistent quality and timely delivery, we enable you to underwrite new business. We not only add, but multiply your capacity to serve your customers. We invest on your behalf in the training and development of our engineers. The benefits emerging from this investment on account of time saving and scalability are shared mutually in form of slab-wise pricing. We also help you to beat your competition by giving you the flexibility to multiply your existing delivery average at very short notice without a compromise on quality.


We also help in enhancing value to our clients through passing the benefit of scaled up operations and optimization during the course of a long term relation. 

House of Quality at PremiumCAD

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