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Q. What is your primary line of service?

Ans. We have extensive experience in CAD based designs and we are familiar with all CAD and other standard design tools.


Q. What is the typical TAT you follow?

Ans. The TAT typically depends on the work scope, volume and mutually agreed SLAs. We generally perform 98% on our TAT SLAs and exceptions are only due to certain limitations.


Q. How do you track and report SLAs?

Ans. We have our internal tracking mechanisms in place and we share reports with our customers at agreed frequency to maintain transparency.


Quality & Compliance

Q. How do you ensure quality?

Ans. We have predefined checklist and procedures in place to ensure quality. We always follow maker & checker process to ensure quality.


Q. Are the completed designs compliance to City and AHJ requirements?

Ans. Yes. We follow the latest codes in our designs. We are well acquainted with NEC, AHJ and HOA requirements.


Q. Can you comply to our templates and processes?

Ans. While we have templates with high approval rate from AHJs across states, we are always open to adapt to your existing templates and process.


How Do We Start

Q. How do we start working together?

Ans. We are very easy to work with. After initial discussion, we will submit our proposal for your approval or issue of Work Order. Once signed we are ready to start.


Q. How do you accept and deliver the work?

Ans. Our objective is always to bring minimum changes to your existing processes. Thus, we are always open to adapt to your existing CRM and data transfer modes (viz. Google Drive, Drobox, BOX, One Drive etc.). We can receive and deliver the completed projects thru same data transfer modes.


Queries & Corrections

Q. How do we communicate any special instruction?

Ans. As we receive a job request, we review the inputs and ask questions where we find insufficient information. Similarly, you can share any special instruction with a job along with inputs or during the design process, on case you identify them later and we will be swift to accommodate them.


Q. How corrections and changes are addressed?

Ans. We understand that changes or corrections adds to the overall completion cycle thus are addressed on priority. Any change requests resulting in re-design will be charged and we seek prior approvals.


Value Added Services

Q. Can you help us with As-built drawings?

Ans. Yes. We will only need the change details and we can provide the As-built drawing at a very nominal price.


Q. Are you familiar with Engineering Review and help us with stamps?

Ans. Yes. We can help you on Engineering reviews of permit plans through our channel partners who are certified PEs in US

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