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Who Are We

PremiumCAD is the one of the leading providers of Solar PV installation Design and Drawing Services. We are focused on partnering with solar installers and contractors in the U.S. to bring in efficiencies on the Solar Designs and Engineering Drawings.


PremiumCAD has years of experience in Engineering & Design industry and has been provider of quality services to numerous clients and partners across US and Europe. We offer solar design service at competitive cost and quick turnaround time.


All designs adhere to the AHJ Regulations, Building Codes, Fire Codes, NEC & Utility regulations. We have extensive experience in designing of residential solar system. Our team has in depth knowledge of AHJ and Utility requirements and are conversant with various codes and compliances.


We provide variety of services in this sector ranging from Sales Proposals, Permit Plans, Interconnection documents, Professional Engineering Support and also As-Built drawings.

Now PremiumCAD has a team of over 250 employees with dedicated training centers and tie-up with some of the technical institutes and colleges in the NCR of India. 

What we do

We are the preferred outsourcing partner for CAD based Engineering designs with and excellent expertise on Solar Design projects. With an experienced and a highly motivated team of professionals, we provide a competitive edge to our clients in a price-sensitive market by offering scalable and timely deliveries with agreed quality SLAs. 

Why Us

We offer the flexibility and reliability which gives you a Head-Start in a cut-throat competitive environment. With multiple options to choose from and fully customizable quality and delivery TAT, we are able to provide you with the most economical design service with consistency. Our team of engineers is working round the clock at your disposal.

Partnership & Reverse Integration

We are not just an outsource partner! We are an integral part of our client’s value chain and offer collaborations, employee exchange and quality monitoring through resident engineers and shared training facilities. We blend perfectly with our clients’ working culture and offer a captive back-office for design and sales plan.

Process Orientation

Quality is the key to the success of any business and at PremiumCAD, we are committed to it. We have a state of the art Quality Management System designed to facilitate continual improvement of the business. We use your feedback and inputs to evaluate our processes and upgrade the training and quality management process.

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