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Where intelligence meets engineering excellence

At PremiumCAD, we’re driven to build meaningful things, embrace challenging problems and work with technologies we enjoy. We take pride in the largest share of strong middle to senior designers in our company compared to the market average. That means getting lots of opportunities for geeky conversations with your peers, celebrating being cleverly unconventional and continuously getting better in everything you do. We cultivate inquiring minds and love constantly pushing our boundaries.


Career Stability

We provide a stable and sustainable working environment with huge growth opportunities for deserving candidates. We are a 100% debt free organization with no dependency on external sources for funding. We are a profitable venture and have been funding our growth through internal accruals from our annual profits.


Career Progression

We are keen to develop leaders from within rather than outside. If you showcase the potential, we are always there to invest our time, funds and energies to ensure you progress through a long and sustainable career growth plan at PremiumCAD. 


Friendly Work Environment

We encourage our team to be happy and playful at work. Our HR engages with the team on a continuous basis and the floor is never without a cheer. We understand how tasking it can be to focus on your computer screen all day. We are cognizant of the strain and our stress busters are always there to cheer you up. Our managers have always got their doors open and we continuously try to add the additional infrastructure to keep the team engaged and excited.


Employee Friendly Policy 

Our employee friendly policies allow you liberal leaves for the important events of your life. We are not only considerate for maternity, but equally generous in case of paternity leaves. We have had a flawless track record for payment of salaries on time and no undue deductions from payroll. Our offices operate with multiple shifts and locations and we are happy to have you closest to your preferred location and timing of work.


We Have You Covered

We protect you and your family with the best in class health insurance coverage and life insurance for the rainy day. We also have an internal benevolent plan to support the team members in case of need and distress. Not only are we subscribers to the government’s social security guidelines, we also have an internal self-help fund to manage uncertainties. Additionally, our tie-ups with bankers enable easy credit availability for salary account holders.

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