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Who We Are...
(Solar PV Design Services)

PremiumCAD is the one of the leading providers of Solar PV installation Design and Drawing Services. We are focused on partnering with solar installers and contractors in the U.S. to bring in efficiencies on the Solar Designs and Engineering Drawings.


PremiumCAD has years of experience in Engineering & Design industry and has been provider of quality services to numerous clients and partners across US and Europe. We offer solar design service at competitive cost and quick turnaround time.


All designs adhere to the AHJ Regulations, Building Codes, Fire Codes, NEC & Utility regulations. We have extensive experience in designing of residential solar system.


We have capabilities to review and stamp the Permit designs across 50 states using our partnerships with various Engineering firms in the US.




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Our Services

At PremiumCAD, we have perfected the skill of providing timely and accurate solutions to our global clientele in the fields of CAD, GIS, Solar PV Design Services, Residential Solar Permit Plans and Telecom Installations.

We are not just an outsourcing partner, but also a knowledge partner. Several clients pick our designs and off-the-shelf templates over their own designs

Solar Design Services

PremiumCAD is the most reliable partner and provider of Solar PV design services & Residential Solar permit plans. With our network partners and contractors, we bring ...


We work on all kinds of Telecom projects that cover the design, management, update and optimization of telecommunication networks using latest technologies ...


The GIS services rendered by PremiumCAD allow for the visualization of geographic data, analysis of spatial relationships, and efficient data ...


PremiumCAD is a one-stop solution for a wide range of CAD outsourcing services. Our deep domain expertise in this industry and our approach towards problem-solving ...

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Why PremiumCAD?

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Reliable Quality

Our quality standards ensure that 90%+ of the total deliveries are compliant with the agreed SLA. Therefore, a client at PremiumCAD never worries about quality.


   Focus on Key Functions

At PremiumCAD, we relieve you of the burden of the mundane tasks and help you focus fully on business expansion. We will perfectly integrate with your supply chain to deliver the designs as per your requirement.


Cost Advantage

With PremiumCAD, customers have saved up to 60% on their operating costs. PremiumCAD has been consistently optimising its design process and has shared the savings with clients.


Dynamic Capacity Planning

Our in-house training facility and automation in processes allow us to significantly reduce the time between hiring and deployment. Moreover, our bench strength and hiring in anticipation of demand, keeps us ahead of the capacity planning curve.

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Overnight Delivery

Our offices in India work round the clock to provide you delivery on the following morning. This saves you on your working hours and gives you the marketing advantage of fastest turnaround time amongst your competitors


 Dedicated Training Centre

PremiumCAD is your dedicated training facility. We develop and implement exhaustive training and development process. Once a trainee is certified by the trainer, only then he/she is deployed on the floor.

Behind The Magic

Requirement Mapping

Validate and verify requirements, adding more details if necessary and msap business pain point

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Process Vision

Define and elaborate all details to start the technical implementation of your project 

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Process Execution

Engineer the solution to meet your requirements and defined design process

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Execution Readiness

Make sure your product or solution is ready to be easily deployed to production

What You Get

Dedicated Team

You are assigned a dedicated team of designers and quality engineers for your projects. Therefore, the output will remain consistent through the length of the relationship

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Business Continuity

Our endeavour is always to provide skeleton staff even on non-working days so that critical deliveries are not hampered

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MIS Dashboard
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You are always updated with the latest status of work and never have to worry about tracking the work assigned to us

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No Overtime Payments

You will never have to pay any overtime payments to your team or other partners.  Peak season or not, you will have to pay a standard rate per job

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Knowledge Partner

You will not only get an outsource partner, but more importantly a knowledge partner. Our expertise has helped several clients in optimizing their design templates and getting higher approval rates

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Our Accomplishments


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“PremiumCAD, you guys are awesome. Whenever I give you challenges you come with new solutions. Thank you Guys!!

J. Tompkins
Senior Leadership in a Solar Company

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