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PremiumCAD has a long standing experience in supporting the global telecommunications industry through different types of services. One of these involves the update of wireless telecom construction drawings. Wireless telecom towers would need to be upgraded or modified based on the changes in mobile telecom technology. These changes in the tower infrastructure should also be professionally reported and updated in the telecom operator’s records as well. Hence in order to identify and update such changes, and to verify the tower’s capacity, availability of space etc., a ground survey team visits the premises of each telecom tower to collect and digitally record the on-site information. Based on these records, photographs and other survey inputs, each tower information is updated, thereby enabling the decision support systems of the telecom operator.

Small Cell / 5G Drafting

Small Cell

High Quality Cad Drafting Services for A&E Firms working on Small Cell/5G Sites

PremiumCAD’s Telecom A&E design team has successfully worked on hundreds of Small Cell Sites for various telecom carriers across North America through our engineering design & installation partners.


PremiumCAD Solution

Our aptitude to handle large volumes with quick turnarounds gives us an edge from our competitors who offer drafting options in this domain however lacks experience. Our experience in creating small cell plans enables us to achieve high approval rate where the quality is rarely sacrificed. PremiumCAD now offers small cell data carriers to offload the burden of CAD drafting services to us free up the energy and valuable resources to focus on project management, implementation and gaining more business.

PremiumCAD holds the expertise your firm needs to succeed in small cell drafting and understands the latest small cell data advancements. First time right and Quality Design of Small Cells helps the A&E companies and mobile operators to spread their service coverage and/or increase network capacity.

The typical inputs needed are:

  • Site information (Lat/Long)

  • Antenna and other equipment specifications

  • Site photographs including pics from all sides

  • Site walk report including information on utilities

  • Any information that can help us in creating accurate designs.


What we deliver:

  • Site plans and Elevations

  • Single-Line Diagrams (SLD)

  • Traffic Control Plans (TCP)

  • As-Built Drawings

  • Photo Simulations

  • High-Level & Low-Level Designs

  • Construction Package

PremiumCAD is here for you. Reach out to our team today to inquire about our services.

Telecom Construction Drawings

Cons Dwg

Providing Professional Cad Drafting Services for Tower & Rooftop Antenna Installations

PremiumCAD started creating the construction drawings (4G/LTE Upgrade) in the telecom industry with a project of 500 antenna upgrades for one of the biggest telecom carriers in 2016. Since then, we’ve successfully handled numerous antenna installations projects for almost all the telco carriers throughout the US.


PremiumCAD Solution

Our capability to handle sizable projects with quick turnarounds sets us apart from many other outsourcing drafting firms. We have the experience and proven success with bigger projects to seamlessly work with your team and allow you to take on more sites and projects before. Wireless mobile towers need upgrades and modification as the antenna upgrades and additions are very common and frequent. We with the help of site walks information like redlines and photographs can help you in creating the construction drawings.

The typical inputs needed are:

  • RFDS

  • Previous construction drawings

  • Site photographs

  • Site walk report

  • Any information that can help us in creating accurate designs.


PremiumCAD offerings:

  • Cover page with driving directions, project team, scope, and code compliances.

  • Updates based on RFDS and site walk reports.

  • Modified Site plans and elevations

  • New Antenna Schedule.

  • Spec sheets and other requires pages needed by the Authorities.


For qualified drafting service for tower and rooftop installations and upgrades and on how our services could benefit your next project, contact us today!

FTTx Network Design (OSP/ISP)


Experts in Fiber Optic Route Designs & Construction Plans

PremiumCAD has rich expertise and deep domain knowledge in FTTx network designing and drafting. We have worked and are working with a number of customers in US and Australia on FTTx Network design projects. We have experience in FTTH Fiber-to-the-Home networks, OSP in Greenfield & Brownfield projects and permit plan sets.

PremiumCAD Solution

Building a Fiber Optic infrastructure design is not just challenging but also needs high expertise. From fiber drafting and design of the new build systems to updating the existing network with new additions, we have executed many successful projects. Our drawings include critical features like proposed fiber optic cable route, terrain details, obstacles, and quantities. PremiumCAD has successfully completed thousands of miles of fiber optic route drafting and updating the work orders over the years for leading US telecom carriers.

We have worked on various online platforms and tools that involves GIS mapping software, aerial imagery, AutoCAD MAP, AutoCAD Civil 3D, and various owner utilized proprietary software.

Our services include capture of existing network data along with assets, creation of As-built drawings, migration of network data from multiple sources to a single platform and update of As-built data of the network (OSP/ISP) on client specified data/platform.

Some of the FTTx related services offered by PremiumCAD includes:

  • Preliminary network design & drafting.

  • FTTx & Copper network design & drafting

  • FTTx network update.

  • Workorder processing

  • As-Builts

  • Legacy Data Migration

  • Permit Plan sets

Want to make our expertise yours? Talk to us about your upcoming project.

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