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We have successfully designed several commercial projects (1mW to 5mW) with different types for racking systems on roof, carports and ground mounts. We are equipped to prepare the PV array layouts, mounting details, BOS Elevations shading analysis, Electrical 3 line and single line diagrams etc.


Freestanding Structures

Extensive experience in designing the PV System on a free standing structure like Carports, Single Axis tracking, Dual axis tracking system and Ground mount racking.

Roof Top

We have worked on several roof top commercial designs ranging from few kW to MW. We have designed this with various racking and module manufacturers. We have created right from rough sketches to the construction documents. We provide full installation details of the solar system along with the required drawings needed by the authorities.


Ground Mount

Designed Ground mounts for flat and sloping grounds using various racking systems. We can provide detailed arrangement drawings for ground mount systems including the overviews from all directions.

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