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Solar Design

At PremiumCAD, we have been working with various Solar Installers and contractors for over a decade, providing them end-to-end solution for PV design requirements with high. We have in-depth knowledge of state/AHJ requirements and have been maintaining a high first-time approval rate. The various touchpoints/contributions of PremiumCAD includes:

  • Creation of proposal drawings including financial analysis,

  • Creation of PV Permit Plan set for PTI (Permission to Install)/Interconnection approval,

  • Engineering reviews by Professional Engineers

  • As-Built drawings to procure PTO (Permission to Operate)

Residential Design

Teams at PremiumCAD have extensive experience and knowledge in designing Residential Solar Plans. We work with our customers to provide end-to-end solution for their residential PV plan requirements starting right from Proposal creation to Permit Set creation, Engineering Review and As-Built creation.


We have successfully designed several commercial projects (1mW to 5mW) with different types for racking systems on roof, carports and ground mounts. We are equipped to prepare the PV array layouts, mounting details, BOS Elevations shading analysis, Electrical 3 line and single line diagrams etc.


PremiumCAD, through its network, provide Electrical & Structural Professional Engineering (PE) stamps for all 50 states. Some states require PE stamps for solar projects and some contractors add PE stamps as an extra level of quality. Construction plans with PE stamps give customers added assurance that their solar and storage projects have been safely designed and engineered to the codes and standards of your state and jurisdiction.

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