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GIS and Legacy Data Migration Services.


The backbone of any Enterprise GIS based solution implementation is the high-quality and complete Spatial & non-Spatial data. If the available data set are inaccurate, the leading analysis results and decisions can be undesirable and inaccurate.

PremiumCAD has been assisting its customers achieve high quality data using industry standard data conversion techniques and quality control processes, on time and on budget.

We operate with flexible production facilities with conversion technicians having multi-year experience and are being continuously trained on new technology and processes.

Our teams have capabilities to migrate the conventional data to ESRI geodatabase, Intergraph GeoMedia and other industry standard formats. The raw data can be in form of legacy GIS data, CAD files and/or hard copy maps & records.

To ensure that the migrated data meets your specifications, our database experts will study the target data models and define the migration process accordingly and with your consultation.

Check points and quality parameters will be defined during the migration process to ensure that the migrated data is complete, accurate and compliant to data modelling rules defined.

PremiumCAD will also prepare metadata for all datasets created in the pre-agreed format which can be provided in the required format.

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