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PremiumCAD, through its network, provide Electrical & Structural Professional Engineering (PE) stamps for all 50 states. Some states require PE stamps for solar projects and some contractors add PE stamps as an extra level of quality. Construction plans with PE stamps give customers added assurance that their solar and storage projects have been safely designed and engineered to the codes and standards of your state and jurisdiction.

PremiumCAD is a national leader in Solar Design Industry. We have delivered hundreds of structural Certifications and designs for Residential and Commercial solar installers that enables solar installers to get building permits.

We can facilitate Structural & Electrical Review & Stamps thru our licensed PE partners in ALL 50 STATES.

Whether you need structural certifications for one or a hundred jobs, PremiumCAD can assist you to prepare Certification Letters in a single business day. Our professional staff, combined with our proven proprietary systems, enables us to deliver affordable, high-volume, rapid, top-quality engineering services.

Send us your site audit form. We’ll perform professional engineering services, which generally take the form of a Structural Certification Letter, but can include custom engineering designs as well.

We offer our services in:

  • Evaluating structural loads

  • Solar panel placement

  • Structural reinforcement

  • Engineer's stamped drawings or letters for building departments

  • Structural certifications for building departments

  • Electrical P.E. Stamps (wet or digital)

  • Structural P.E. Stamps (wet or digital)

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